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Queen Bee

This was another writing prompt product (the three words/phrases were: Queen, horsefly stuffed animal, a century-old road). It's amazing what you can write in 10 minutes. Well, not exactly amazing, more like mediocre. But fun, nonetheless! That's part of the message I'm trying to get across with this website... writing can be goofy and fun and completely imperfect. Just like me! For centuries, the path was trod A road of dirt that once was sod Royal families caravanned yearly Dependent on the army's fear of enemies, their guns and rods. A stately Monach on a horse Was urged by footsmen, "Change yer course!" The battlefield was nigh ahead piled high with the bloody dead But the Queen showed no remorse. They approached, the ground was slushy Blood and guts turned soil mushy The war between the bees placed soldiers on their knees The victors cried, "Hurray the Horsefly Plushie!"


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